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ZBSGROUP Private Limited was incorporated with the vision of providing high-end custom learning solutions to corporates and educational institutions.

ZBSGROUP has established itself as a leading player in the Indian e-Learning market, and also made inroads into other markets. This it has achieved by providing custom solutions for large corporates and by offering back end development support to e-Learning companies. These e-Learning companies rely on ZBSGROUP for both end-to-end solutions and for support in specific areas of a project.

The industries for which ZBSGROUP has provided solutions include Advertising, Automotive, Banking, Engineering, Glass Technology, Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality, HR Services, Insurance, Information Technology, K-12 Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Safety, Soft Skills and Telecom.


From curriculum design to content conversion, graphics and animations to assessment and testing, ZBSGROUP offers a host of services that include:

Curriculum Design

ZBSGROUP can design and develop curriculums based on macro objectives set by an organization, by studying these objectives, the profiles of the learners, and the gap that exists between these. At this stage, ZBSGROUP defines why the module should be learnt and what will be the end result of the learning. The end outcome that is developed on this curriculum will satisfy the organization's pedagogical purpose and the one ultimate objective - that of empowering the learner.

Content Creation

There might be cases where client organizations know exactly what they want - the goals are clearly set, learner profiles are mapped, and a broad course curriculum is also in place. In such cases, ZBSGROUP can do the execution - creating the content to align with the objectives, developing the graphic assets, integrating the course to ensure navigational ease for learners, and deploying it onto a specified platform.

Content Conversion

Organizations that have training modules already in place can avail ZBSGROUP's services in keeping these up-to-date. ZBSGROUP can help: - Re-purpose content from ILT to CBT or WBT medium. - Tailor the courses to run on a different platform or for different standards. - Modify the content for a multi-lingual audience using ZBSGROUP's pool of professional language specialists.

Simulations and Gaming

ZBSGROUP can develop highly engaging simulations, games, and story-based narrations that align wholly with your stated objectives. These interactive learning snippets can be on hard-to-remember facts and processes, and can kindle interest and stimulate thinking.

Graphics and Animations

ZBSGROUP has a highly experienced pool of graphic artists, illustrators, animators, and modelers to create slick visuals and animations that support the theme of learning programs.

Assessment and Testing

ZBSGROUP can create comprehensive test packages that align with learning goals. These packages can include regular pre- and post-course tests, or random assessments that progressively increase complexity based on learner responses.

New Age Tools for E-Learning

Mobile Learning, Podcasts, Blogs - ZBSGROUP can make use of these new age tools to deliver effective content to learners. These innovative solutions can seamlessly weave intrinsic learner needs with highly complex content to deliver effective learning across several platforms.

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